On the "Back streets of Havana" with Airto Moreira

I was talking to Airto, a couple of days ago, which later brought back many memories of one of the record sessions that he pulled me into.  This session was for his album titled, “The Other Side of This”.  He called me in for this one, along with Giovani Hidalgo, because he wanted to include some Bata drumming on this next CD of his.  Interestingly, while knowing that the traditional manner of playing the triple-instrument of Bata is with three guys, Airto felt confident that, in the recording studio setting, the drum parts could be authentically replicated by Giovani and myself.  Ultimately, he proved right.

On this jam, “On the Streets of Havana”, although the song is “layered” in multi-tracks, everything is a “first-take”.  And, basically, the initial instructions (…from Airto!) were, “Go for it, guys!”.  The drumming, much looser than on a ritual event, is a result, I guess, from the camaraderie involved in all the players, as well as the San Anselmo (California) vibe at producer, Mickey Hart’s ranch/studio.  Oh, btw… Diana Purim joins us on this cut!

Check this out…it’s really unique!